Tax time again

I am in the process of doing my taxes again this year, but I didn’t earn money.  Why is that? well, I was working on writing a book, so I wasn’t pursuing any business.

OK, all I wanted to do today was write a quick note to say if you’re doing your taxes, check out this link for software packages. For me, I am using again as it worked for me.

Here’s the link:

Good luck.


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Do you really want to own a business?

Are you considering starting a business, or maybe you have one already.
Are you like me, feeling a bit overwhelmed like maybe your business will not work? Maybe you won’t be as successful as others, or worse, it doesn’t get off the ground? Well, STOP right there. It will and I am going to help you get there, but in the meantime, I want you to print this My Do NOT Panic Statement. I took a book writing workshop a few years back and one of the things he said for us to do was to read out the statement with everyone else in the room, then sign it and keep it with you at all times. This statement is going to help remind you that what you’re doing is going to happen, but that you need to be patient.
I kept the paper, but the book is still germinating as he put it. However, it got me thinking that this could work for your business. Print it out and insert the image of your business or project you are working on. Whatever you do, be sure to have it someplace where you will see it daily.

I have provided a Do NOT Panic Statement-template I made. Feel free to change it to meet your needs.

My Do NOT Panic Statement

This business will happen for me.
I understand that it could happen within the next few weeks, maybe the next few months, or maybe even next few years, but “it” will happen!
Every great business idea requires a period to grow and develop before it sees success.
Until that time…I will stay calm because I know I am worthy and it will happen!
Signature: _______________________________
Date: _______________________________

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How to save money on your taxes

Hey ladies, and gentlemen if you are here.It’s February, and you know what that time is…Tax time!

If you’re anything like me, you hate giving your hard earned money away, especially to the government through your taxes. Well, I found a video that will help you to understand what you need to do before submitting your taxes.

The video is called Small Business Tax Tips – Tax Planning Strategies for Canadian Small Business. I am adding this to my calendar to complete as one of my tasks for February.

Before you do your taxes, take a look at his videos to see if there are other ways you can save money.

If you have other tax tips, or are a tax expert, please feel free to add your name and email in the comments below.

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Changing Direction

I have been writing 2 books. One is about running a part-time business.  I am writing it for myself but also for part-time business owners. It’s about finding out if I really want to run a business, what are the struggles I am having to make money with my business, all the while trying to find the time to have a life with my man and the other important people in my life.

I also have 2 blogs, and I’m having trouble keeping up with both of them. One of them is called La Femme Ottawa. It’s about ways to save money, make money and have fun in your life. The other is called Tina Lalonde. It talks about ways to make money in your part-time business.

I heard a great podcast from Kim Anderson on her podcast Just Keep Blogging. The podcast was called “Don’t go changing your blog”. It’s interesting that I found that podcast because, I am contemplating changing my blog and what I am writing about on it.

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