About Moi

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my website. I’m Tina, a frugal, fun loving, full-time government worker by day an d entrepreneurial blogger and Virtual Assistant by night and weekends too.

I live with an amazing man who will be known as “The Man” on my site. He’s a private person whereas me, not so much.

Fun facts about me!

I have squirrely brain, in other words, I have many projects on the go because as an entrepreneur, your mind doesn’t stop. I am constantly thinking of ways to improve business processes and still have a life. What else happens is start a project and start to think of another one and start working on that one, but eventually I complete them all…However, some are still sitting in the bin. Hey, I am working on my projects, but some take more time and wayyyy more patients.lol

Current personal life projects I’m working on

  1. Writing stories, recipes, and ideas that inspire and help women who feel overwhelmed and looking to have some fun in their lives.
  2. Growing my virtual business to be able to leave my full-time government job and do work I love.
  3. Writing 2 books. One is about my life, and the other about growing your part-time business while working a full-time job. As you can see, I’m still working full-time, so the one book will take a while. As for the book about my life, well…I have over 130 stories, but will let them sit for now.
  4. Becoming a professional speaker speaking on ways to grow your business and how to have more fun in your life.
  5. Decorating our small home for under $500. Man oh man, does this place need work. I think I may just want to move.
  6. And last but not least…completing my 101 bucket list before I die. I’ve completed 10 things so far. I know I have till I die, but I really want to ride an elephant in the water. It just looks sooo amazing.



Food – One of my hobbies when I am not writing blogs or working on client projects, I am cooking. I refused to cook or clean! Seriously! I told every person I ever dated that I don’t cook or clean and Ma Man said “what are you good for” and well, use your imagination for what I said or did to him.  I eventually had to cook because it was getting expensive to eat out and…I have IBS. It’s a food intolerance issue and mine are bell peppers (yellow, green orange, red), shellfish and port, but they pork and shellfish seem to be dissipating. However, the peppers…NOT A CHANCE😊 You will see on my blog, I like to take pictures of what I make. Now, if only I could make the right amount and still have left overs. Ma Man loves my food so much that he doesn’t leave any for the next day. So, I end up having to make another meal. Grrrrr…that would be why I don’t always like cooking.  Hey, if we ever get to become good friends and you invite me over, DO NOT add peppers or you will be sorry when I let a fart go.  Hey, I’m just warning you now. 😉

Fitness – To stay in shape, I try to get my butt to the gym at least once a week, but I play women’s competitive volleyball and loooove it. However, after 40ish, I really need to hustle for that ball and the next day…well…lets just say that I walk funny.

Entertainment – I love fun goofy games, especially with my girlfriends. Here’s a short video of a minute to win it game called Junk in the trunk. I played against my friend Nathalie (I’m the one on the right). OMG, I laughed sooo hard. It’s a ping pong game where you have to get all the balls that are tired to your waste in a tissue box out in 1 minute. I still laugh every time I see this.


Adventure – I love to travel. I take one trip down south every year with my man, but would really like to take 2 because I find winter very long in Canada, especially Ottawa. Its damp and when the cold hits you, it burns.

Punta Cana 2015


Shopping – I love finding deals and experimenting with things like food, and new ways to heal my body or mind. Speaking of my mind, I will also write about things that we women want to know about but afraid to ask i.e. toys for couples, time of the month, orgasms or lack thereof…I know, not a pretty topic or too personal, but someone has to do it.

A bit more about me

I have owned 4 businesses since 2010 I think. I started 2 blogs, La Femme Ottawa in May 2016 because originally, I just wanted to write about things I was experimenting with like cooking, new places to eat or vacation places we’ve tried. Eventually, I started to add another blog called Tina Lalonde, which offers my many years (sorry, don’t want to reveal my age…lol) of marketing and business experience. I wanted to provide other part-time business owners real truth about running a business on the side, while working a full-time job. This is the Tina Lalonde Consulting blog, where I write about ways to save money, make money and hopefully have fun in their personal life too.  I spent thousands of dollars on training I wish I hadn’t taken. They OVER promised and truly under delivered.  I am still kicking myself, but eventually those feelings will go away.  My goal is to do what I love, and help those who want it and need it, but especially NOT charge a ridiculous amount of money. After all, you are just starting, so lets get you going to making money, not going into debt.

I also started this blog with the hopes or intention of someday quitting my day job so that I could do what I love which is teaching, creating, writing about things that interest me and hopefully my readers like it too. I love sharing what I learned along the way.

So, there you have it, a little insight as to who Tina is. I will only write about things I have tried or trust the people who are selling them. I don’t like when I get played by someone and wont do it to you. I will be honest always..Oh and speaking of honest, when I go workout I like to have a beer after. Hey, I earned it, but that may be why I am still not seeing the weight come off. Oh well, as long as its fun for me, I’m still doing it.

I am also a big fan of motivational and inspirational quotes, so you will also see those on my website. I will also put up a link for fun horoscopes and Angel card readings because…I love them too.

I hope you get some value from my blog and if you have any comments all I ask is that you pleeeeease write them in a positive supportive manner. If you do not, then I would recommend you leave my blog quickly before you get infected with positivity vibes.

I look forward to getting to know you.