Are you looking for deals on travel or trips?

If you’re anything like me, you love the summers. Well, summer is disappearing quickly and for me, I need my vitamin D. So, the next best thing is going down south for 1 week in the winter. There are tons of places to find good deals online, but I noticed that the prices seem to be all the samen on the sites. Here are a few places that I look at and have used in the past. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you on our next vacation:)

Travel Zoo

Red Tag

Itravel2000 (I found this one to be a bit more pricey) (Just used them to book our trip to Punta Canada and best part…we filled out survey last year and got $50 travel voucher to use on next trip.)

Flight Centre

Cheapcaribbean  (I used them when I went with my best friend to Mexico. They were really good because she was coming from Texas and I was coming from Ottawa, Ontario)

However, no matter which one you chose be sure to check out the reviews from others on Trip Advisor..BUT…don’t believe everything you read. Remember that people are different, have different sensitivities, maybe prefer to spend more time in their room. Me personally, I want a social atmosphere with more than 3 restaurants and good drinks, and fun games that are organized for adults:). If they have all this…sign me up!