Goal #1 – Making $100K – Taking the 1st step

I’m having doubts about how I’m going to make my $100,000 doing something that makes me feel good and proud. The ideas that are coming up aren’t really getting me jazzed. So, needed a pick me up and found this beautiful image on Beliefnet.com. If you’re going through tough times and not sure you can do something, or maybe people are telling you that you can’t….STOP…read this and then decide.


Don’t give up. You CAN do it. You have people and skills that will get you to where you want to go, you just need to slow down, breath and take smaller actions and not get so overwhelmed.


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Use this for creating images or backgrounds

I found a great site called Behappy.me This company has a cool tool that allows you to create your own quotes and you can have them make it on a nice background and they can send it to your home, or if you’re making a vision board like I am right now, you could use them to print screen with words that mean something to you. Here’s one I just created.

Talk about valuable…get it? It’s the word I used as my image.



If you know of other fun ways to create words or images, I would love to know.

Until next time.


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Goal #1 – Make $100k through Affiliate marketing

There are companies out there looking for people to help spread the word about their business. They go by a few names, affiliates, partners, joint ventures. What they do is pay you a percentage of the profits for every person that buys using the link they give you to promote their business on your website.  The one difference they have is the commission they give you. So, when you sign up, be sure to read the fine print. Some can be as high as 50%, but most of them are between 10 or 20%.

I have signed up for a few, BUT…only those I like and believe are valuable.

Here’s one I like because they use inspired quotes and put them on board. The company is called Behappy.me

There are rules when you are selling other peoples products online, so I will look into it and update you on it and, let you know which ones I like and use on my site.

Stay tuned and let me know if you have an affiliate I or my followers might be interested. They must be legitimate, help other people and make people feel good to buy it.

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Goal #1 – Make $100,000 a year

OK, for 2015 my goal #1 is to make $100,000 a year, but that can’t include my current job salary. It has to be something else. So, I need to know how much money will I need to make either per hour, or day or month to figure out what I can do to make $100K AND…it has to be doing something I enjoy.

Well, I found a website called Converunits.com that tells me how much I would need to make if I worked 50 weeks a year.

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Goal #8 – 52 Date Ideas for couples

Hurray. I found a few websites that gave me ideas of things Serge and I can do for fun and not too costly. The goal was to find 52 dates, but there aren’t that many days for winter, so I decided on 43. The condition to these dates was that they didn’t involve food, alcohol, movies or TV. Other than that, anything goes. Here’s a few of them that I plan to do and…we already complete one yesterday:)

Date night idea box

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