Trip to Cozumel for $233

Are you sick of winter yet? I know I am! Even though I was born in January, I am NOT a fan of winter. I try to stay active, but mostly indoors. We just got 28 centimeters of snow, and to top it off, my car died. So, I’m stuck at home and will have to bring it to the shop to get new battery. In the meantime, I am working on February being declutter month, when I found a month old email from my Man showing me a trip to Cozumel for $233. Say whaaaaat?

We have already booked our vacation for end of February, but if you haven’t and need to get away, there are great deals going on. The one I mentioned above is from Yowdeals, but I have listed all the trip suppliers I have used and would recommend.

Here are my top 5 preferred booking places:

  1. Tripcentral (I like this one because they include the taxes, but I believe they all do now)
  2. Voyagearabais (They offer extra gifts like gift cards to St-Hubert or points to get things from their website)
  3. Selloffvacations
  4. Redtag
  5. Yowdeals (haven’t tried it, but will be for sure when we book our cruise for next Decemer)

What other ones do you use that works to save on travel expenses? Please share because I know we all love to save money.

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