Changing Direction

I have been writing 2 books. One is about running a part-time business.  I am writing it for myself but also for part-time business owners. It’s about finding out if I really want to run a business, what are the struggles I am having to make money with my business, all the while trying to find the time to have a life with my man and the other important people in my life.

I also have 2 blogs, and I’m having trouble keeping up with both of them. One of them is called La Femme Ottawa. It’s about ways to save money, make money and have fun in your life. The other is called Tina Lalonde. It talks about ways to make money in your part-time business.

I heard a great podcast from Kim Anderson on her podcast Just Keep Blogging. The podcast was called “Don’t go changing your blog”. It’s interesting that I found that podcast because, I am contemplating changing my blog and what I am writing about on it.

I have been trying new things on ways to get noticed and get new clients. She says, Consistency & Time is what it takes to grow your business. I have to be consistent and write weekly or podcast, or whatever it is I do, but I have to do it regularly. Well, with writing 2 books, 2 blogs, a full-time job and a partner, it’s not easy. Not to mention, I am NOT the most patient person. I want results now. Thanks a lot Google! Thanks to you, I expect to get answers and sales right away☹

Don’t jump on new training for the same thing. Squirrel. Ha ha…I loved when she said that. I remember exactly the movie she was referring to, and the type of people who jump from new training to new one because they saw something or heard this will really help, which is exactly what I do. She suggests follow one person and finish it. If that doesn’t work, then try another, but you have to be patient. Wow, that one spoke to me. I had purchased something from her, but it wasn’t what I wanted. She was so gracious and gave me my refund. I then remembered that I had purchased something similar in 2015, but didn’t finish it. I was doing what she said…jumping on the next NEW thing. Man, this was exhausting. But, when I heard her podcast, I knew she would understand when I told her that I wasn’t going to be purchasing her other product because, I hadn’t taken her advice and  needed to finish the last one I purchased. I will however, be buying from her in the future because she has good stuff and she is sincere about helping me grow my business.

So, starting today, I will be focusing my attention on finishing writing 1 book, my marketing for part-time business owners, and my blog  In order to keep the fun alive which is why I like to blog, I am going to include a section in it where I will write articles about the fun things like date ideas, recipes and fun DIY’s I am trying. Hopefully people will like it, and if they don’t, well, they can simply unsubscribe. No hard feelings. I can’t be liked by everyone, and that’s Okay.

Are you thinking of changing direction in your business? Maybe you too have a book you are trying to write. Whatever you do, ask yourself why you are doing it? What is this giving you? What will happen if you change? Who will it affect, but more importantly, will you be OK with the new change? I know my change will affect some of my readers, but I also thing they will understand. I know for a fact, this will improve my relationship because I will have more time and…I know this will be great for me because I won’t be feeling axious thinking of the business all the time.

Sometimes…change is a good thing.  Cheryl Crow’s song “A Change Will Do You Good”. She has a funny video on it, but…don’t distract yourself from what you need to do. Here’s the link:

If you want to know when the book comes out in 2018, email me at And, just for taking the time to email me as I know your time is precious, I will give you 50% off the book price.  I am also going to give you and a friend 50% the training to grow your business because I want you to success, and having an accountability buddy is truly beneficial.

Take care and until next time, be consistent and keep going.


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