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Date night idea box

I was looking for things that my man and I could do and came across over 300, but some of them are specific to a date like Easter, Halloween, but a lot of the other ones aren’t. So, what I did was put together a list of all the dates we could do and cut them up and put them in the date night idea box I made.

Each week he gets to pick one and so do I. If we like one, we do it and save the other one for the following week. Some of the dates involve looking on places like Groupon for daily deals, but mostly it’s a list of places and things I’ve been wanting to do, but I also added a few guy things:)

I also found a great idea from a TheMashWife who puts ideas together for her hubby when he’s deployed. I am going to put together a fun collage of all the things we like to do or did.

Here’s to more romance.

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