365 FREE Resources

Here’s a list of resources that a few of us have tried and believe in. The goal is to get to 365, so if you have some that you think would help others, we would love to learn about them. Please send us an email so that we can check them out. If they are what we stand for and we have tested it, we will gladly add it, but as you can imagine, we don’t want just anything on this page. After all, you are trusting us to provide you with safe and fun information.

Lets hope they help you as much as they helped us.

1. Logo Design

99 Designs


2. Business Advice

Marie Forleo

Kristine Cane

Fabienne Frederickson

3. Spiritual growth and meditation

Gabriel Burnstein


4. Meditation ideas

Gabriel Burnstein


5. Motivational apps

….coming soon after we try a few of them.


6. Calendar layout

I like this one because I can modify it very easily.



7. WordPress How to instructions for different things

Adding images


8. Magazine’s and podcasts I like

Unemployable women


9. How to quote or reference someone

APA Style

Website address


10. How to find trustworthy sites


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