I lost $10 dollars when I was trying to figure out how to make more money

10 dollars

I was going for a walk near my house because I was trying to set a new 30 day get healthy plan because the last one I did, I stopped. I committed myself to 30 days to drink 3 liters of water a day, do 30 minutes of exercise daily and eat 1 green vegetable a day. Well, guess what happened? I failed! I didn’t get to 3 liters, I skipped at least 1 or 2 exercise a week, and I didn’t eat greens every day. So, at the end of 30 days, I wasn’t feeling all that great, but I didn’t give up on myself. I’m human and things get in the way, so what did I do? I started another 30 days commitment starting today. I got up early so that I could go for a 30 minute walk and decided I would drink my coffee as I walked. I got dressed and was getting ready to poor my cream into my coffee but when I opened the cream, it smelled rotten. I can’t go without cream in my coffee, so I checked to see if the drug store was open so I can go get cream, but it didn’t open until 9:00am. Now because I didn’t want to get unmotivated and not go for my walk, I put milk in my coffee, A LOT of milk because the coffee was strong and I don’t do sugar anymore. It didn’t taste too bad, but I wasn’t planning on switching to milk just yet. I still needed cream for the rest of the week. So, I was going to pick up cream on the way back home. So, I grabbed $10 out of my wallet and put it in my loose pocket along with a Starbucks card, just in case I couldn’t stand the taste and could just grab a coffee and go. Before I left the house, a little voice was telling me “you’re going to lose your money. It’s going to fall out.” I heard it and decided to tuck it in the card that I had in the pocket. My little voice said “go get the little wallet”, but I thought to myself, “ahhhh it’s too far upstairs. I’ll just be sure to tuck it in the card.” So, I ignored my little voice and off I went. I was listening to a podcast on marketing and writing stories for your blog, which is how this story came to be.
As I hit the half way mark of my walk, I stuck my hand in my pocket and sure enough, I lost my $10! I was mad and cussing. I couldn’t believe that it fell out. I was talking to myself say “why didn’t it stay in the card? There’s no way it should have fallen out. I tucked it in there.” But it did. I thought maybe it fell close enough to the road, so I walked back on the exact same road and looked in the grass, and even in the water sewers which by the way had a big black garbage bags sitting on the edge of the water and tons of other garbage and plastics all around. I am going to email the city today about because it’s disgusting. While I was searching all around me I didn’t find my $10, however, I did find a Cash For Life ticket, but I didn’t win. 🙁

cash for life

I was having trouble letting go that I lost the $10 because after all, I am running a part-time business so I can make money, not lose it, but the little voice in my head told me to be prepared and grab a wallet but I ignored it.
It was a soft gentle voice, but I didn’t feel like it. That’s what’s also happening with marketing my business. Is that what’s also happening for you? Maybe your too busy. We have a busy life, we have full-time jobs, maybe you have kids, or you have other commitments, adding promoting your business to the schedule does not feel good. You’re already tired, and there are too many things to learn, so what do you do? Well, first thing, listen to that little voice that’s telling you something but you’re ignoring it. Maybe it’s telling you to set up your website, but you tell yourself that it’s not ready and yet the voice is telling you to “just put it up there and don’t worry who sees it. It will get popular, just do it.” OK that’s what my voice in my head told me to do, which is why I’m wrote this article.

Maybe you’re telling yourself that you don’t have money to attend an event and then lose money while walking like I did. Listen to the voice! It’s not like the ego one that’s negative. This one is positive, like a soft parent who’s telling you to be cautious, but take action. You know you need to do something to grow your business like setting up that website, signing up for marketing workshop, or attend a networking event. What ever small baby step you can do today, DO IT!!! The voice you’re arguing with is trying to help you. Don’t listen to the whining one like I did “ahhh, I don’t feel like going all the way upstairs to get a wallet to hold my money.” See what happens?

Lesson here is listen when that little soft voice in your head is asking you to do just a little bit more work. If something happens like you lose money, learn from it and let it go. Yes it sucks, but sometimes it’s the universe’s way of telling me “if you don’t listen, I will make you listen by doing something you won’t like, such as lose money.”

Good luck and tell us know in the comments below if something similar happened to you and what you learned from it.

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