Magazine subscription PLUS a nice bag for $9.99

OK, this article is about saving money and having fun.  I am subscribed to Chatelaine and love it. I get great advice on saving money, recipe ideas, mind you sometimes the recipes are a little too rich for my tummy and I end up paying the price later, but at the time it’s worth it. Right now, they are having a deal. You can get either Chatelaine, Flare or LouLou for $9.99 plus they are giving you a free stylish bag at no additional cost. If you like magazines as much as I do, this is a great deal. 


chatelain-saving money-subsrciption

The other thing you can do with your magazines after is create a vision board with the images you find in the magazines. If you don’t know what a vision board it, check out this article from one of my mentors Christine Kane.

Have fun saving and creating your vision board.


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