Money Money Money – Save it or Spend it?

Are you feeling the pinch from the holidays? Is winter getting to you? Is there a vacation you want to take or maybe buy a home or in our case a cottage, eventually? Well, in order for me to reach my goal is to Save money and what better way then to find deals. So, here’s a list of places I look to for deals on food, games and date night ideas. ANYWHERE I can find something to save money, I will use it. However, I have to admit that I bought coupon deals online and didn’t use them, but that’s because I didn’t really want to, like rock climbing. Not a good idea for a person afraid of heights:)

So, for food, here’s the places I found have deals all the time

Karaoke places in Ottawa

Dart nights

Here’s a link to Dart Leagues for those with experience.

Vacation deals


Here’s a link to learn about what type of cruiser you are. I thought they were all the same, but they’re not.

 Flights only


Please let me know of places that offer deals and also fun date ideas that are under $50.

Have a great day or should I say date:)


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