I made my version of Bailey’s Irish Cream with 4 ingredients!


Sorry, the picture is not the greatest with the Nexus phone. I hate it and looking at getting a new cell plan. As soon as I get new pic, I will change it.

Yesterday morning my man was saying it would be nice to have Irish cream for his coffee. Then I started wanting it too, so guess what I did? Yep, I made it, but not the version you buy in the LCBO because…well, it has LOTS of preservatives and sugar, which I try not to use too much of.  I thought to myself “how do I make Baley’s Irish Cream?”. So, what did I do next? Googled it of course…he he. I found quite a few recipes online, but the one I used was from WikiHow.com. For the exact recipe click here.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t always have all the ingredients to make things on hand, so I have to remove things and add more stuff, which is what I did with the recipe. Continue reading →

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Date #1 – Escape room or stuck room

OK, so I have decided to start my date night ideas with this one. While it’s March, I know I missed a few weeks, but I will catch up with them in a few posts so I will be on target.

Date #1 – Escape room with the company Lockdown off Parkdale.

http://www.lockdownottawa.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/lockdown-Weblogo.png Continue reading →

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Ask for what you want…here goes

I was reading an article online about a woman who wanted a new wardrobe and put the request out to the universe and a few hours later, she got a knock at the door. It was her neighbor with a box of clothes. She was sooo happy, but…the clothes weren’t for her, but rather her granddaughter’s Barbie’s. I laughed because she says she now has to shrink in height to fit into them. Ha Ha Ha.

Lesson learned here…be specific with what you want, or you’ll get other stuff.


I have been wanting a whole new wardrobe for a long time, but I didn’t want to just get rid of all my stuff. After all, I paid hard earned money for it. I bought some stuff recently that I really like, but they are too small. I would love to trade or give away most of my clothes because well, I’ve appreciated them, but it’s time for someone else to love them.

I would like the following items. These or something better.

– Off-white/cream pant suit that makes me look so professional
– Navy blue ¾ length spring jacket that is just my size
– Green, pink and a red A-line dress (size 10)
– Black, beige, red, yellow and blue (size 9) shoes with 1 ½ inch heel and they are super comfortable and sexy
– Blue dress and a yellow one that is spandex and fits me amazing
– A spanx or something that I can wear under a dress to hold my shape in
– White with black, Pink, black, yellow, blue, green, and purple tops that are so my style and fit me great
– Black, cream, blue, red, and orange Straight leg or wider pants that are soooo amazing and comfortable.
– Earrings, necklace, rings, all new or gently used Jewelry that is light weight, but bulky jewels, metals that suit my style and in perfect condition.
– Hey, while I’m at it, I’d like a new soft material light beige or off white 3 seater couch for $200 that sits 3 people very comfortably and if possible has a leg rest for Serge and…will fit in the house without a problem. Oh and it’s stain proof for me
– One more thing, I’d like photos that are big enough for my living room, dining room and office that represents serge and me and what we are all about. If they are painted and given to us…that would be bonus.

So, here goes “universe thank you for delivering my clothes, shoes and jewelry that are my exact size and style and not having to shop or pay for it was a bonus.” The couch was exactly what we were looking for. You are amazing and thank you very much. I would like them delivered when I get back from my vacation on Saturday, March 11 at 11:00am!

I believe it will happen!

Stay tuned to see what happens in 2 weeks.

Goals for 2016

Year in review. OK, it’s December 18, 2015 and I have not completed my goal for 2015, but if you recall on my goals in 2015, I put this image of inspiration:



Status on my 2015

1. Make $100,000 doing something I like that’s fun. OK, so I didn’t make $100K. In fact I only made an exta $90, but spent it on supplies:) Hey, I’m getting closer. I think I will change the goal for 2016 to get to $1,000 extra monthly by December 2016.

2. Lose 10 lbs and be toned without giving up beer or wine. I can hear you now…not possible. We’ll see . OK, so I didn’t reach this, but to be truthful, I wasn’t really pushing it. If fact, I gained 5 pounds. 

3. Be pain free in my right shoulder and both knees. Well, this is still a work in progress. Need physio and doing the exercises she recommends, and massage therapy. For 2016, I AM exercising daily!

4. Paid trip for Serge and me. OK, Serge paid for the trip and I paid the expenses, but…we did go on a trip, so technically completed. For 2016, go on a cruise ship and see my best friend along the way.

5. Written my inspiring book. I have completed 101 stories and still going, but now I need to revise them. For 2016, have my book published by a publishing company before December 30, 2016.

6. Sold 10,000 of my inspiring books. This should be part of making $1k extra a month. So, this one is N/A.

7. Organize a mastermind group with like minded people (completed). We meet every Thursday and go over our goals. For 2016, have our written goals with us every week to ensure we keep on track. This time, I will write it as 4 main goals and tasks under each.

8. Find 52 winter date ideas for Serge and do do 1 each week (completed). Now, just need to try them. I actually have over 100 ideas). OK, I didn’t do all of them because I can’t find them on my PC. I lost my USB stick, but I have them on paper. 2016 I will add them to the Date box and commit to doing 1 each week for 52 weeks and write about the experience…with his permission of course:)

9. Finish Jack Canfield’s Effortless Success and completed each action (I completed the listening portion and did some of the work, but….it’s the meditation stuff that bugs me. Guess this will have to stay on the list.) Ya, this one got the better of me. I am putting this one on hold because…well, I didn’t get what I was hoping from it. So for now, stop.

10. Finish Tony Robbins Ultimate Edge and completed each action (This one too is listened to, but not finished all the actions. I am going to put this one on hold as I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the actions.)

I’ve decided on a new format for my goals for 2016. I’m going to use a Vision Board. For those who don’t know what a vision board is, I wrote an article about it with how to create one. I will post it soon with the new images. In the meantime, here’s what my vision board looked like for 2015.


So you’ve seen mine goals, what are yours?

Here’s to your success and mine.


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Are you thinking of starting a home based business?

Image is from Lawd.co

Image is from Lawd.co

Are you like most of us, you’re looking for ways to either

  • make extra money to cover bills or save for retirement
  • start your business slowly so one day you can quit your day job
  • or, start full speed ahead with your home based business

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place. My name is Tina Lalonde and this is my blog. I write monthly newsletters to help Ottawa part-time business owners grow their profits and reduce their spending through various tools and techniques.

One of the techniques to save money is to be sure you want to and can run a business from your home. The City of Ottawa has written this document called Ottawa Home Based Business Guide to help you decide if running a business from home is really for you. Feel free to download it and share your comments below.

If you want to receive marketing strategies like this that will help you make money in your business or reduce your expenses, sign up for my monthly newsletter.

Have a great day and hope to see you soon.


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